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      Heat transfer film is how to produce

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      Modern science and technology is constantly improved, no matter what kind of products are used in the industry is the heat transfer film, heat transfer film is produced when? What kind of market?

      In China, the packaging container material for infusion has been gradually changed from glass bottles to flexible packaging materials, with the rapid development of the third generation of packaging materials in non PVC infusion bags, the dosage of PVC and non PVC infusion bags increased rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, there is only one of our 3 billion PVC gap, the market capacity and huge potential. But for a long time, the heat transfer film product is suitable for PVC and non PVC infusion bag all imported, high price, and there is no domestic manufacturers to scale production, therefore, the development of such products on the market as soon as possible, to the domestic import substitution imperative, this can not only bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise, will be for the country to save foreign exchange, bring good social benefits.

      At present, China's domestic demand for transfusion products using soft bag (PVC, non PVC) packaging accounted for 4.7%, while in the United States and other developed countries accounted for more than 95%. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, this proportion is also rising, while the heat transfer film as a matching bag for transfusion supplies also has a very broad market space.

      Now the heat transfer technology is more convenient and reliable, and in a certain situation to maintain stability, strengthen the technical performance of the product, so that more clear picture and text, so that the rapid increase in efficiency.


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