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      Heat shrinkable film label printing Essentials

      author:泰祥塑料  Source:熱收縮膜標簽  Click:   Release time:2016/11/3 16:48:01

      Heat shrinkable film label printing Essentials

      1: the film tension control are more easily affected by the change of the tension in the printing process, resulting in misregister, so in the printing process should pay special attention to the tension control, maintain stable tension and balance. The size of the tension adjustment, according to the type of film and tensile strength to determine.

      The 2 ink in shrink film label printing field, solvent ink dominant, solvent based ink is mainly used in gravure printing and flexo printing heat shrinkable film, different film should choose special ink, do not mix. Ink companies usually provide different material corresponding to the ink drying, dry and slow dry three kinds of solvent ratio, printing can be selected according to the solvent ratio appropriate workshop temperature, printing speed etc. the actual production conditions. In addition, the use of water-based ink and UV ink.

      In 3 printing heat shrinkable film, a fact to control the drying temperature. www.dbabeta.com drying temperature is too high when the material will heat shrinkage; if the temperature is too low, the ink drying is not enough, leading to the final adhesion and back together


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